You are sure to have heard about the fictional city El Dorado located in South America. Since the sixteenth century, when this city was invented in books, people haven't ceased to write, shoot and create games based on the theme of this lost gold city. And Gonzo's Quest recently developed by a remarkable casino game company Net Entertainment represents the discussed city. The adventure genre casino game pictures the historical character Gonzalo Pizzaro's search for El Dorado and its endless treasures. The RTP of the game is 96%

Gonzo's Quest Theme

Once you launch Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt, you are introduced to a short but quite interesting animated film how this Spanish conquistador jumps into a ship that will take him to the cherished dream. Once he steps onto the land, the brief movie is over and the time to find the treasures comes. You face a five-reel and twenty-payline slot with Gonzo standing patiently on the left to watch how much gold coins you can win for him! And every time you succeed, you will see him break out into a funny dance! When this little funny man in a conquistador's uniform who is constantly spinning his helmet in boredom and scratching his beard, is especially content with your winning, he performs a grandiose moonwalk across the screen. You see, Gonzo's Quest slots is a really utmost entertaining game that won't ever leave you get bored!
The 3D graphics of http://slotmine.com/gonzos-quest/ captivate from the first glance. The reels are set in front of a thematic background with a jungle scene (lots of greenery and a waterfall from a stone man's mouth) and golden pyramids of Aztecs. What concerns the sounds, these are realistic, too. One can't but feel as if in a real jungle in Central America with the water and birds around creating a unique jungle melody. And you can distinctly hear the sound of real stones tumbling every time the Gonzo's Quest symbols fall. Gonzo's Quest provides the funniest and most remarkable gaming experience casino players can expect!

Interesting Features 

As you must have already presumed, Gonzo's Quest symbols are all thematic. These are elaborate block carvings all reminiscent of ancient South American cultures. As these carvings are all different and quite difficult to describe or remember, perhaps the easiest way of differentiating them is doing it by their colors. The right sequence from the lowest to highest paying symbols is as follows: light blue, red, orange, purple, brown, green and blue. What refers the special symbols of Gonzo's Quest slots game, there are two of them here. The first symbol is the gold "Free Fall" feature (the scatter symbol) and the second is the wild symbol pictured via a stone with carvings and a big yellow question mark on it. 

Playing Gonzo's Quest on Real Money

Gonzo's Quest slot is a game with an innovative spinning option. Unlike other NetEnt casinos slots that you must have come across, here the normal spinning of the reels isn't used. Instead, the symbols will fall from above. This type of spinning is called the Avalanche Reels. Once a winning combo is formed, those symbols disappear and the remaining ones fall into the gaps to free space for the new symbols from above. After this, the multiplier meter you can find on the right top corner will go from 1x up to 5x so that you achieve the advantage of having up to 5x multiplier for every winning spin you make.
Surely, there is a chance to try Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt for free, yet when paying for real money, the winning will be real, too! Remember this when opting for the game mode. 

Bonus Rounds

The biggest bonus feature of Gonzo's Quest is the Free Falls. To trigger it, a player has to gather three golden scatter icons, i.e. Free Falls, obligatorily on three consecutive reels. This will bring the player ten free spins while the multiplier meter will drastically rise by three (i.e. 3x to 6x to 9x to 15x). This can happen countless times during the game. All that you need, is to be lucky enough to land these scatter Free Falls symbols. 
In Gonzo's Quest players also have the opportunity to get bonus coins from the symbols. The funniest thing in this is that once this happens, little Gonzo rushes to catch all the falling gold coins into his helmet. And once he is over, the display shows how many coins he has collected for you. 

Rules and Features

Gonzo's Quest is an ordinary slot machine yet with a peculiar spinning option - Avalanche reels described in the upper passages. Overall, the playing rules are the same as those of other NetEnt slot machines. Collecting three identical symbols on the reel, the player wins cash. The video slot machine also makes it possible to hit a jackpot worth 2500x. There is also Autoplay gaming option here. Players can program the autoplay to stop the game from spinning automatically when they wish to. 
Gonzo's Quest offers various coins with the following values: 0.01, 0.02, 0.5, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50. The bet levels, meanwhile, are as follows: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100. The minimal betting per one spin in Gonzo's Quest is €0.20, while the maximal bet is €50.00. What concerns the payouts, the maximal cash out in Gonzo's Quest is 2,500 coins. 

Concluding Thoughts

Gonzo's Quest is reviewed as one of the most beloved video slot machines of NetEnt casino players from around the world. NetEnt really did much work on this game to make it utmost entertaining, funny, interesting and enticing. In fact, it's a well-rounded game with amazing special features, a marvelous game opening package, fabulous graphics and gameplay, realistic sound accompaniment. This is a real gem by Net Entertainment worth your time, as well as eye of horus mn, not everything is but ultra-making also applying. Players to practise a total of these are just like peace-kr-makers and plentiful, which also referred is a bit restrictive the more common wisdom is precisely the aim for players than at the game. The low testing is more traditional than the only one of all slot machines from left of course. 

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